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List of   Oil or Acrylic colours

Basic Starter  most colours can be mixed

Titanium White Malleable and requires little or no medium

French Ultramarine   Useful for skies and dark grass foliage etc.

Cadmium Yellow  A warm yellow used In summer grass and cloud tops mixed with white.

Cadmium Red   A clear red used for tinting and in some sky effects.

Burnt Umber   A dark brown used as a 'lay-in' colour and in dark shades.

Payne’s Grey   Not as harsh as Ivory Black makes useful dark greens with yellow

Sandra’s basic Purple  -  Cadmium Red + Ultramarine + Burnt Umber   A universal dark shade

        Base layer for Acrylics and Oils.   Even cloud bases cut with white

Useful Additions

Cerulean Blue   A pure light blue useful for summer skies, light greens, etc.

Lemon Yellow  A colder yellow than Cadmium useful for greens or winter grass effects.

Burnt Sienna   A warm brown with extensive use in many shades in oil painting.

Yellow Ochre  A brownish earthy yellow - can be used carefully for shadows in figures

Indian Red  An earthy red

Ivory Black    Used in toning down colours but NOT to be used on its own

      This colour should not be used in obtaining dark mixtures as it tends to dry flat and lifeless.


Hooker’s Green  A good green

Viridian  Green for seas

Indian Red  Useful earthy red

Raw Sienna  Earth colour - yellowish

Raw Umber  Earth colour - brownish

Alizarin Crimson  A very rich red

Colour Mixing

The links below give hints on colours to use.  

They suggest colours you may not have.  In general similar ones may be substituted e.g Ultramarine + Cerulean instead of Cobalt

The colour combinations are produced by varying amounts of each.

This requires a skill that is very quickly developed

W is for Watercolour

A/O is for Acrylic and Oil

Otherwise A/O and W

Tips and Tricks