BALLYCARRY ART CLUB East Antrim  Northern Ireland



Cool Grey:                                    Cobalt Blue and Vermilion    

                                                   Cobalt Blue and Light Red   

 Warm Grey:                                 Cobalt Blue, Light Red and Yellow Ochre   

 Dark Grey;                                   Windsor Blue and Indian Red    

 Blue:                                           Cerulean Blue   

                                                    Ultramarine gradated through Cobalt Blue to Cobalt Blue  

                                                    mixed with Vermilion or Rose Madder at the horizon.     

Light  Clouds:                               Cobalt Blue or French Ultramarine and Indian Red   

                                                    Cobalt Blue, Light Red and Yellow Ochre   

                                                    Black and Raw Umber A/O


Moonlight:                                    Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna    

                                                    Ultramarine, Rose Madder and Viridian W

GRASS:                                   Viridian and Raw Sienna    A/0

                                                    Viridian and Cadmium Yellow Pale (Bright Sunny Green)   

                                                    Viridian, Yellow Ochre and Vermilion   

                                                    Yellow Ochre and Ultramarine

                                                    Raw Sienna and Ultramarine  

FOLIAGE:                                      Viridian and Cadmium Yellow    

                                                    Viridian and Raw Sienna   

                                                    Viridian and Burnt Sienna   

                                                    Viridian and Burnt Umber  

                                                    Cadmium Yellow and Light Red or Burnt Sienna (Autumn Foliage)

TREE TRUNKS:                              Viridian and Indian Red  

                                                    Burnt Umber and Cobalt Blue

                                                    Indian Red and Ultramarine   

DISTANCES:                                 Ultramarine and Rose Madder  W

                     Cobalt Blue and Alizarin Crimson A/O

BROKEN                                     Indian Red and Yellow Ochre
FOREGROUD                               Rose Madder and Viridian W

(Earth Showing)                            Indian Red and Ultramarine A/0

DISTANT FEATURES:                     Ultramarine, Black, White plus a little Indian Red