BALLYCARRY ART CLUB East Antrim  Northern Ireland


FLESH                             White + Rose Madder and Raw Sienna

                                                 Indian Red and Raw Sienna

                                                 Vermilion and Yellow Ochre

DARKER SHADES               Indian Red and Raw Sienna

GREEN HUES                    Viridian and Light Red

GREYS                            Indian Red and Ivory Black

STRONG SHADOWS           Indian Red and Raw Umber

FAIR HAIR                       Burnt Umber and Raw Sienna

                                      Indian Red and Ultramarine (in depths of hair)

FLOWERS      A wider range of bright colours helps in reproducing nature


Cadmium Orange  

 Cadmium Green Pale AO

Cobalt Violet W

Cobalt Violet Dk. AO

Permt. Green Dp. AO

Permt. Magenta    

Permt. Rose    

Scarlet Lake W

Hooker's Green Dr. W

Manganese Blue  

New Gamboge W

Permt. Blue  

Permt. Green Lt. A0

Scarlet Vermilion A0

Ultramarine Dr. A0

Winsor Green   

Winsor Lemon A0